“Three boys and two large dogs can do quite a bit of damage to one’s floor. The wear and tear was very visible especially in the high traffic areas so I was a little skeptical on how much better my floors will look afterwards. Rees and his crew did such an amazing job that there is no evidence of the previous wear and tear. My floors look brand new and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Rees was also very helpful in providing guidance on the best color options for my floor. I’m very happy that I went with his recommendations because the color of the floor is beautiful. I would definitely use Rees and his crew again for any additional wood floor projects. ”


“We recently bought a new house with hardwood floors that haven't been touched in many years. Rees and his team did a beautiful job refinishing all the floors in the entire house. Working with Rees was a pleasure, he was attentive and thoroughly reviewed the process with us from start to finish. Rees did a good job level-setting our expectations on move in dates as we had lots to coordinate. After measuring the floors, he was quick to turn around an estimate, which was important to us. Rees even took the time to help tape our floors for the movers (something he absolutely didn't have to do). I highly recommend Rees and should we need our floors redone again, we will definitely be reaching out to him. ”


“Just a note to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my tired, old, scratched and damaged wood floors! They never looked as good as they do now! Thank you also for your honest advice on the "right" way to refinish my floors for the best and most long-lasting results, your patience and courtesy in walking me through the entire process, and your responsiveness in answering all my questions throughout the process. And thanks to you and your crew for all your help in moving my furniture; and your guys really went above and beyond in helping me get everything back in place! And finally, thank to all of you for always treating me and my home and possessions with such care and concern. I am rarely as pleased with any service provider -- or the final results -- as I am with all aspects of the service and value you provided. ”


“I am so glad that Rees' name came up under the google search for hardwood floor refinishing. His team did an amazing job refinishing my entire downstairs floor and in a timely fashion. Not only was all of the work done right at a reasonable price, his team was extremely helpful moving big pieces of furniture and the job was done just in time for the holidays. I am truly grateful for their help getting this done and will be calling for more flooring projects. Highly recommended!!!! ”


“We worked with Rees to refinish the hardwood floors throughout our entire house (upstairs and downstairs). We wanted to do it before we moved in, and Rees was very accommodating with our schedule. He is a pleasure to work with - he's friendly, patient, responsive, and very professional. He knows what he's doing, and we trusted him right away - we didn't even meet with other contractors. We needed to match the floors to the bamboo in the kitchen, and Rees showed us several samples to pick from on the floor itself -- he nailed the color and it's nearly a perfect match. We also needed to patch an area where there used to be a wall, and we can't even tell where that was anymore. Rees and his crew were punctual and extremely neat - we moved in just a few days after they finished and came to the house to clean up before the movers came, but there was nothing for us to clean (in fact, the house was cleaner than when they started)! Every contractor that has come through has commented on the floors, and most asked if Rees did them, making it clear that people in the area know his work. We are so thrilled with the finished product and really appreciate how thorough and masterful Rees was! ”


“Rees installed hardwood floors in our family room and living room and refinished preexisting floors in the dining room and foyer. From start to finish, Rees and his crew were the consummate professionals. The floors are incredibly beautiful and the process from the time of cost estimate to the final finish coat was the best experience we have had by far in the renovation projects we have completed in the past few years. Rees is the consummate professional and should give advice to other contractors as to how to do the job from start to finish. Communication was timely and thorough and Rees and his crew take pride in delivering an excellent outcome. We will recommend Rees to others without hesitation or reservation. Thank you for making our home look beautiful!”

—Isabelle and Erik

“I have hardwood floors in my kitchen. A couple weeks ago, a water spill caused some wood pieces to buckle. Mr. Powell came, inspected the floor, gave me a quote and set an estimated time frame the following week to come back to fix the floor. On Wednesday, I got a call from him indicating that he would come the next morning. Half an hour before he and his crew showed up, he called again to give me a heads-up. The wood I have is only ¼” thick and different from most hardwood floors. It took longer than expected to fix, but it still cost me the same as the original quote. They did an excellent job. Mr. Powell and his crew are very friendly and punctual. I give them a 5-star rating.”

—In-Sheng C.

“The new hardwood floor in the kitchen is exceptional. The refinishing of the rest is likewise beautiful – this is top quality work and finishing all around, at a reasonable price. Your dedication to quality and scheduling throughout the job is much appreciated, and the effort you took to uncover and remove three layers of previous kitchen flooring (an archeological dig!) makes the final product completely seamless with the existing hardwood floor.

We look forward to having you back to refinish the upstairs. Thank you!”

—Catherine G., Princeton

“We would like to say how pleased we are with the floors that came out so beautifully. They went from shades of worn yellow and brown to a gorgeous oak finish. Your advice about the walnut inlays in the living room was correct - they came out very well. We also appreciated the experience of the work itself. You were there when you said you would be and were able to do it quickly as you promised. Your men were courteous, focused on their work, and obviously are professionals at what they do. You were recommended to us by a fine carpenter we have known for years. Thanks for an outstanding job.”

—Barbara and John from Princeton

“Thank you for an excellent job! The floors look terrific you're a fine craftsman and we really appreciate how effectively you contained the dust, and how careful you were around the cabinetry.”

—Linda & Bob

“The floors look great. We are happy that we took your advice to do the whole house while it was empty. You came highly recommended by others in the community and we were not disappointed.”

—Joseph T. (Princeton)

“Rees Powell and his crew came to my home on June 5 to install a new oak floor in my dining room. I have never seen such industrious and joyful workmen in my life. They came exactly when they said they would – at 7:30 am. They were done and everything was spotless by 9:40 am. Rees knows his job, and his workers reflect that. As they worked, they cleaned up. I can highly recommend Rees Powell and his floor firm to anyone who needs a great job well done.”

“We all look for someone to do a good job at a fair price. It is a gem to find this, but when workers come into our home that are also neat, clean, non-smoking and pleasant - the experience is exceptional. This is what you get when you hire Rees Powell. Thank you for a beautiful job, well done.”

—Teresa A.

“Thanks again for doing such a great job. Leo and Robert were fantastic as well.

You run a great business which has obviously resulted in your success. It is hard to find prompt, honest, respectful, dedicated, and ethical people in business these days and your company exudes all of those traits.”


“Rees Powell did a perfect job on my hardwood floors. He restored them to their original, natural beauty to an extent I have rarely seen in floor work. He was also extremely courteous and punctual. He, conveniently, for me, did the work between other painting and repairs going on in the house and met my deadline despite delays caused by a hurricane! The cost was very reasonable. I recommend him without reservation.”


“Very few contractors would be able to manage redoing the floors, on a tight timeline, when in the midst of it a flood blows out the furnace all while the owner is out of town! The floors look great, we made the deadline and Rees, you made this project happen while we were miles away. Can't thank you enough.”

—Leslie, Hopewell

“We were very pleased with the quality of your work. From dust containment, help in color selection and the crew, who were pleasant, efficient and respectful of our home, the job went smoothly and the floors look amazing. Thank you.”

—Richard and Carol, East Windsor

“Thanks so much for a job well done. Your professionalism, friendliness, honesty and excellent work made this first-time experience a pleasant one. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. The floors look beautiful and I've already had many compliments on them. Your personnel worked with perfection. And, I appreciate you helping me in a pinch when I needed someone quickly.”

—Bill, Mercerville, NJ

“The floor and stairs look great, and no dust anywhere! You and your crew are the BEST! Thanks.”

—John from Hamilton

“Rees and his team did an excellent job from start to finish. The floors are beautiful and everyone comments on how great they look when they walk through the door.”


“I want to thank you for a job well done. The refinishing of the whole house is nothing but exceptional. Your attention to detail, craftmanship and putting the customer first attitude, excellent communication and scheduling is second to none. We are glad we made the right decision.”

—Helen and Ray, Princeton, NJ

“Thanks Rees! The floors look great! You and your employees were so nice to work with, very professional.

Thanks again!”

—Lisa from Cranbury

“We are very pleased with how our floors turned out. We wanted the floors refinished in order to make our home more desirable to sell. There was a lot of positive feedback about the floors from potential buyers, and we believe that having quality hardwood floors throughout the house was a major selling point and instrumental toward our receiving offers. Great job by Rees and the crew. ”

—David T.

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Hardwood Floor Care

Tips for caring for your hardwood floors

Wood floors, properly finished, are the easiest floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. Unlike carpeted or resilient floors that show age regardless of care, wood floors can be kept looking like new, year after year, with minimum care.

What Kind of Wood floors?

Both open-grain and close-grain woods are used in flooring. Heading the list of hard open-grain woods is durable, beautifully patterned oak, used for an estimated 95% of all wood floors. Other hardwood include northern walnut, pecan ash, elm and chestnut. Among the close-grain woods are maple, birch, beech, Douglas fir, and yellow pine. Since the overwhelming majority of wood floors are of hardwood, this care guide applies specifically to this type of flooring.

What is Minimum Care?

dry mop wood flooring

A good rule of thumb is to vacuum or dust mop weekly. A damp mop can be used for spills and general cleanup on floors which have non-waxed polyurethane or Swedish finish. If the floor is waxed, occasional buffing helps remove scuff marks that may appear in the wax coating. A waxed floor need only be re-waxed once or twice a year – or as often as needed in heavy traveled lanes – using a liquid buffing wax/cleaner combination.

Wood and Water Don't Mix.

No matter what finish your wood floor has, or what claims the manufacturer makes for his finish, never intentionally pour water into the floor. While a damp mop is fine for non-waxed polyurethane and Swedish finishes in good condition excessive amounts of water may find a way to seep between the boards causing them to warp or stain. Wax coated finishes should never be cleaned with water, nor even a damp mop.

Wood Flooring Expansion and Contraction.

When maintained properly, our hardwood flooring installations can last the lifetime of a home. The most important factor homeowners must keep in mind when it comes to preserving hardwood flooring is the level of moisture in the air. Generally, wood floors will expand when exposed to moisture and contract in its absence. Homeowners can minimize the range of moisture changes by installing a humidifier. Here are some scenarios that can lead to expansion and contraction of your hardwood flooring.

Cupping. As seasons and humidity change, cupping, crowning, and cracks between boards will all happen to an extent. Cupping is when the edges of the board are higher then the center, usually when humidity causes wood to swell, pushing the boards together and deforming the edges. If the cupping gets worse or does not go away, there is most likely a moisture problem which must be identified and controlled. Common moisture issues could be from large spills in which the liquid is absorbed by the boards or plumbing issues where moisture seeps into the flooring. Once identified, cupping can be reversed by drying out with fans, however depending on the damage the floor may need to be recoated or sanded and refinished.

Crowning. Crowning is the opposite of cupping, with the center of the floor boards rising higher than the edges. Crowning can be a result of the floor surface encountering moisture. Sometimes this is the result of sanding the floor too soon after cupping, and when the floor dries out and returns to normal the edges are now lower then the middle of the boards.

warped wood flooring

Cracks. When homes are heated in the winter it is not uncommon for gaps to form in between floor boards as the moisture evaporates. These cracks can be as wide as a dime, with light-colored woods and plank floors being the most obvious. These will usually close as the season changes and should not be a big concern.

Buckling. An uncommon wood flooring reaction to moisture, this is usually a result of flooding. When buckling, floor boards can raise a few inches from the subfloor. When buckling occurs, it is possible to repair without completely redoing depending on the level of damage.

Preventing Moisture Problems.

Controlling humidity is the best way to be proactive in preventing flooring moisture problems. We also recommend following these maintenance tips:

  • Use a floor care kit or preferred cleaning product applied to cloth
  • Follow any manufacturer recommendations for cleaning instructions.
  • Do not regularly clean with water or water based products, the water deteriorates the wood and finish
  • Never leave a spill to dry

We hope you enjoy your new flooring! Follow these hardwood floor care tips to keep your flooring beautiful and to extend the lifespan.

NWFA Member - National Wood Flooring Association

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